Who am I?

I am Daffa Konate , from Malian and Senegalese origins, I was born and raised in Paris. I have two children and I am currently living in Istanbul where my husband and I decided to settle down following a professional opportunity from the latter.


I immediately decided to take the best of this new "expatriate" status.

Working with Africa was obvious, but I wanted to get the continent out of its clichés and stereotypes.

It is a visit to the village of arts in Dakar in December 2015 which proved to be decisive. The village of arts is a venue gathering artists where all visual arts disciplines are represented. From this place emerges a feeling of serenity and tranquility, a place conducive to creativity!

After some exchanges with artists, Eureka! I had the will to share with the greatest number of people the work of these talented people, to show a culturally rich, modern, innovative and incredibly creative Africa!


Today, I take pleasure in showing contemporary creations from Africa, I am delighted by the interest, the exchanges and the enthusiasm that these discoveries arouse through the cultural and artistic events I organize.


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Photo credits: Noémie Deveaux Photography