Alum B
Alun B photographe - Kelen, promotion de l'art africain contemporain
Alum Be, from  his real name  Alioune Ba  was born in 1981 in Dakar. He currently lives and works between Paris and Amsterdam.
An architect by training and a musician in his spare time, this lover of photography  favors portraiture and street photography even if his field of investigation is immense.
It was in 2015 that her work was unveiled to the general public through a series of portraits entitled "Empowerment of Women in Action", presented for the first time at the Universal Exhibition in Milan before going to Paris and the Biennale. Dakar 2016. Clichés that seek to go beyond the portraits commonly made of Africa.  
Since then, the artist has  exposed  his work in Italy, France, England, Senegal and the United States.