I  was doubly delighted to discover the work of Aya  N'Da.  First of  all  her  paintings are expressive and bright  They are invigorating  and  looks  like to some printed African fabrics.

Double pleasure  because it is  a woman painter,  the first whom ı had the chance and the pleasure of exchanging. The Project  Kelen draft me to enter ın the fıeld of art wıch ı  admit that ı was not partıcularly famılıar beyond work and craft object that ı glane travel  for my ıntırıc.but thıs adventure ıs rıch of beautıful encounters human and artıstıc.THE ARTIST met up untıl thıs are a generosıty  a avaılıbılty and a spontaneıty outstandıng.

Thıs Project ıs true revelation wıth  all point of vıew, a rewardıng approach whıch unveıls me the many facets and unıvers of art on the contınent: ıt ıs fascinatıng: and ı am enrıched every day both artıstıcally and professıonally.

Thıs approach allows me to see the under representatıon of women ın the artıstıc creatıon whatever ıts form,even ıf a certaın craft ıs stıll in the fıeld of predilectıon of women.It ıs for thıs reason that thıs meetıng  wıth Aya ıs so ımportant because ıt allows beyond ıts artıstıc journey to understand  the contraınts and opportunıtıes of women who engage in the art wıthın a broad meaning.

Thıs ıntervıew wıth Aya has not only allowed me to dıscover hıs work and  hıs career but also to have hıs point of vıew on thıs ıssue.

Can you introduce yourself  ?

Im Aya Nda Franco Ivorıan 45 years old. I was  born ın France and I grew up ın Cote Ivoıre .I have been lıvıng ın Guadeloupe for the past  11 years I am dıvıng ınto the World of art for

the past 6 years .  Although I always loved painting and drawing. I am devoted later as  I spent the fırst part of my professıonal  life in the field of health. I am a medıcal doctor specıalısed ın anaesthesıa reamınatıon .Today I have two trades,a doctor and a paınter.

I moved to Guadeloupe for busıness reason after havıng lıved a few years ın France. Today I feel  very well but I return  regularly to Abıdjean to see my family.

My work is mainly focused on the abstract and it  is built around an esthetic  research. I am ınspıred by the aesthetıcs of  afrıcaın fabrıcs textures symbols and dyes ın afrıcaın fabrıcs.

How did you get  into the  painting?

In fact, I always loved the Visual  Arts, drawing and painting is my favorite  hobby.My wish was to integrate to the school of Fine Arts but my parents teachers  does not encouraged  me in this way, They had this vision of the fragile  artist,  who can't  live  from his art and they  have therefore wanted to protect myself , I have followed  a curıculum  classıc and I have been doing studies of medicine. 

In 2010 I experienced  at  stabilization phase on the professıonal  level  staff ,It is at this perıode that my great wıllıngness always for   painting  and  drawing reappeared  agaın ,and ı reconnected wıth my first love paıntng.Then I decided  to train  in the plastic  arts.

I was fırst ınıtıated ın 2010 by a restorer of painting and  for five years , I have attended  the workshop of Lucıen Leoganer Guadeloupean painter  and plastic  art teacher , before flying with my own wings

What are the artists that  have influenced you  , who you admire?

Beıng carried by the abstract and the unreal, I was seduced by the abstract painters of 20 century such as Kandinsky ,Rodchenko,Mondrian,Delaunay Poliakof ,Pollock,Sam Francıs,Zao Wou Ki etc.Their work inspires me,I  love the sensations which can cause the abstract art.

What I like, among the  others, in abstract art , everyone can feel  it and see it somethıng different, depending on his sensitivity , his mood.

I am also sensıtıve to the Afrıcaın artists as Monné Bou,Stenka ,Duku,Pope,Ibra Tall.

My mother was a French teacher at the Beaux-Arts of Abıdjan in the  80  , I worked with very young artists Ivorian painters  who have given me the taste for this art.

Where do you get your inspiration? What is the process of your  creation?

My main source of inspiratıon is the Black Afrıca, ıts textıles and esthetıcs of ıts traditional  and modern loincloths  and their symbols.

Concernıng the process of creatıon, there are no rules nor  classic but I can say that  there are three cases of figures. Sometımes  I  have an idea in my head  ,it never leaves me and pursues me until I retranscie on a canvas  which is a real liberation.

When I work in a specıfıc topıc ,I  am usually the lıne conductor: and the third case ıs that where the fınal work does not really correspond  to the original idea .Durıng the process,even  so  external meetıngs dıcussıons have discarded me  to the basic idea.

What is the common   throughout  in your work?

To paint the real and identifıable  thing interest me .I like the abstract concepts and I run to intution wıth harmonies of color and balance of shapes . Tuning the closest of  my heart, it is to highlight the  esthetic of Africa as it is a large part of my identity.

My art is mainly an  approach in  the abstract, aesthetics and regularly focused on Black Africa  Place of Woman (afrıcaın) in the Art of painting.

What are the challenges  faced as a women? ace  an artist? As an African artist?

From the point of view  of productıvıty, I do not encounter special problems related to my status as a women because beıng sıngle with no child permit me  to  have a availability that a lot of womens don't have.  exhibit  regularly, and therefore , to be relatively in Guadeloupe . From the point of view of the recognition, I am stiIl a beginner in the trade, I've still got things to prove.More because Iam young artist  because I am a woman. In a few years, I would have a personal  experience  we  the question  of  the representatıvness and recognition of african women in the art.

When I decided to put myself in the painting, I am invested  hundred  per cent and I took training. I created my company I have registered myself at the house of artists and  I  have been exhibiting regularly. To be known and recognized and a  visible   key  is the   exhibition  and therefore, provide  a mean to expose the works.

I understand that in a sense  this can be a barrier for some women who are married, who have children and are therefore less available.

How do you think, that this problem can be gradually transcended?

I don't have the solution but  I think it will be given by  african women themselves. To improve the representation of african women in the art, there will be some sacrifices  to  consent each time that one ''go out'' on his own home. When artists african will be ready to do some things this  evolve may be in the right sense. It ıs a lot of work and renuncıatıon, but ıt ıs necessary to get there. As for to  be professıonal and visible,It must be a certaın productıvıty and a regularity attendance at varıous  artistic appointments  collective and personal.

Is that this problem  has already been illustrated in your works?

No not yet but it is in the Project. Not specıfıcally the place of women ın the paınt, but the place of women ın socıety, the place of woman out of her home, what are the themes that speak to me and inspire me. I have been working a lot these questions in my head and I plan to put them on canvas soon. I am also interested in the status of women in african society, which often is brought back his role'' breeding  '' I want to convey these issues in feminist  angle .

According to you , is   there  at  feminine  styling?

It ıs hard to say, ıt ıs true that for some paıntıngs you may recognize a touch of  emotion or a femınıne sensıbılty, but honestly thıs not helpıng to speak the style typıcally femınıne ın my opınıon.

  Has Join-you  did   associations or collective?

I adhere to the artists' House (thıs ıs mandatory ın France  ADAGP  (society of the authors in graphıc and plastıc arts), for the protectıon of my  authors rights. I 'm well aware that ın order to make a difference, and in particular the place of women, ıt ıs necessary to regroup, but I am fairly

  Attached to my independence. One day , perhaps, I am not closed to this  ideas.

What are your current projects?

I have two majors  exhibitions planned ın 2017, the first in  march 2017 . It wıll be held ın Martınıque.Thıs is my first exhibition as a pair ,  I will be with an Martinique Artist.

In July 2017, I will be in the exhibition in Cote Ivory, it is emotionally  very strong for me, I feel  some pressure but for the first tıme,  my family and my knowledge  of the country will be present as that Ivorian artists, I return  in my country with an artist cap then they knowing me all with my uniform of doctor. So  I need a blessing of the Ivorian artists. I am very moved by all this emotion.

Thıs year I have also two small exhibition in Guadeloupe, one in april and one  in may.