Baba Ly
Baba Ly sur Kelen
Born in 1987 in Thiès (Senegal) Baba Ly grew up in Dakar. He was immersed in art from a very young age since his father, the painter Amadou Dédé  Ly also applies to support him as best he can.
His paintings are all vibrant with emotions, the one he shares with the Talibés, these young boys who have been entrusted to a school so that they learn the Koran and know humility.  begging. Baba himself had  summer  confronted with the hard life of these children left to themselves, because he lived in the Daara of his grandfather during his childhood in Thiès. Thus the Talibés inspire him and he likes to paint them because for him,  through his works, he supports them in his own way.   
Painting is for him the frozen reflection of  reality  of daily life and is much more than a job. It's a passion. The assortment of colors and the tonality he gives them are the very essence of his painting. He opted  for earth colors with shades of brown, beige, gold, ocher with luminosity  who gives life to his works. In his compositions, he incorporates aesthetic considerations. We rarely see the faces of his characters.
He exposes  in Senegal and the United States.