Caszi B on Kelen
Casimir Balibié Bationo [CasziB.] is a contemporary painter born in 1982 in Adjamé (Ivory Coast), originated from the Lélé tribe from the North-West of Burkina Faso.
After participating in several workshops about painting, life drawing, photography, lighting and motion pictures he attended a 3 years training in contemporary painting, acquiring crucial techniques to the practice of his art.
His inspiration and imagination feed on various encounters, from people to arts and intellectual concepts that allow him to maintain his nomadic life, between the multicultural African continent and his forays in Europe.
His painting is like the world: universal and always in motion. Through color moods and rhythm, faces made of shadows and contrast, CasziB. expresses his vision of an Africa in action with the strength of its values, as well as his perception of the western cultural background. He paints the encounter and the crossing of those cultures. Those faces with siezing eyes are accusing, witnessing, or simply telling a story.