Charly d'Almeida
Charlie D'Almeida sur Kelen
Born in Cotonou in 1968 (Benin), Charly D'almeida began as an autodidact then was trained in the applied art studio of a great Beninese painter for 4 years.  
A few years ago, his achievements were imbued with ancestral beliefs and cultural traditions. Thus, he worked a lot on the god of iron, the divinity Ogun (voodoo) which he represented by the sign or by the material in the composition of his works. In Benin, more than a religion, voodoo is a culture, a tradition, which is why it is often present in the works of artists.  
References to Africa and its culture are also represented through the materials used: these are materials that remind him of his childhood, natural materials such as sand, leaves, wood, etc.  The colors are warm  : ochres, yellows, browns….  
Charly d'Almeida's sculptures essentially combine two materials  : metal and old wood. The artist is particularly conscientious about the choice of materials.  Techniques  : painting, sculpture
He exposes  on its continent, in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, London), in the United States and in Australia.