Cool Diabang's work sweeps different worlds combining the spiritual, mystical, imaginary, and real. Although he explores these worlds through various artistic disciplines, there is a movement, energy and rhythm drummed into all of them.
His performances reveal actions clearly apparent in the paintings and the paintings capture a mood evident in the performances. The different disciplines feed into each other so strongly that the performative act of doing becomes as important, if not more important, than the end result. Diabang works the subject, throwing himself in to become embodied in the work.
Faces and figures emerge throughout Diabang's imagery and textures of paint leave dense, yet abstract spaces surrounding them. The actions of the figure are unclear, blurred by impromptu painterly gestures and outbursts, yet there is still a strong feeling of a mood in each piece which tells a bigger story overall. While there is a lot of movement inherent within the making of these works, Diabang's paintings do not capture one section of time like a photograph would; instead they reveal an overall atmosphere, rich with emotion.
When describing one of Cool Diabang's pieces and how he completely embodies himself within his work, Maya White used the French expression entre chien et loup. In essence the phrase means dusk however when translated literally it means between dog & wolf; alluding to this atmospheric and theatrical time of day when the ordinary can become ferocious…
Cool Diabang is based in Rennes (France). He exhibits in France, Swizerland and Senegal.
Diabang is a founding member of the collective Here and There Arts. He is also artistic director of the Abene festival, Casamance.
Text  :Maya White