Born in Abéné in Casamance, Senegal in 1972. To his credit, several exhibitions, performances, workshops, residencies and concerts... in Senegal, Gambia, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, England... .- Member of the artists' collective of  Agitation of the Bocal  de Rennes.- Founding member of the collective of artists  Here & There Arts.- Artistic director of the festival  Abene festival  in Abene, Casamance.
The artistic approach of Cool Diabang is that of an authentic artist – of a true man – free thinker and free doer. He explores the world, the worlds (mystical, spiritual, imaginary, real) and the men who surround him and gives us to see, hear or experience his perceptions through various mediums (painting, sculpture, music or even performance). . But whatever the medium touched there is always the gesture – the rhythm.  The movement of his performance as a painter is perceptible even in the stillness of the finished canvas.
  His paintings are emotional explosions. Cool Diabang works the material – persists in it – embodies it. His paintings are sometimes scarified, scraped, injured, knotted. They are alive and vibrant. You can guess secret links, invent stories. They then echo our inner monsters or our dreams. They are like our moods – changing. They are discovered ad infinitum. And then at nightfall, between dog and wolf, the Bleu Diabang lights up and you say to yourself that there is something of the order of magic operating – an alchemy – a gift.  
TEXT: Maya White