Faty Ly
Faty Ly sur Kelen
  Faty Ly values know-how and has been passionate about ceramics since the end of the 90s. A passion that materialized with the opening of a craft gallery in 2001 in Dakar with the contribution of West African artisans. This period marks the beginnings of the Fatyly brand. Her collaboration with DiénébouZon, a potter from Bobo-Dioulasso, allowed her to work on culinary forms as well as decorative surfaces and to immerse herself in ceramics, the first art of fire.
In 2008, she graduated from Central Saint Martins of London where she took advantage of the synergy between the technical knowledge of industrial ceramics and its cultural heritage. Fatyly then became interested in the world of gastronomy and created tasting pieces for chocolate and tea in London and Paris. It thus marks its full entry into the art of the table. Faty Ly lives and works in Dakar, she collaborates with a factory in Limoges to ensure high-end and controlled artisanal production.