Could you introduce yourself?

I am a Franco-Cameroonian, 40 years, I grew up in France and I live and work  currently between Paris and London. Having always loved to draw, my wish  was to ibtegrate in  School of Fine  Art in the end of my studies but due to lack of financial support, I have let this dream.

  Then I  travelled,  I went  to  United States and to  England. It is during my  first  job of bartender in London that I met Paul Klee who is fallen under  the charm of my sketches.  He gave me great encouragement   to integrate in graphic design  school  in  Oxford & Cherwill College  ,they  taught me the techniques of the graphic design.

  I Had my graduation titled High National Diploma in 2004, I designed  for  friends and especially for my best  friend, the slammer and poet  Captain Alexander, ı was  awarded  the price  Paul Verlaine of Academy French in 2015. I have  directed  the visuals for his collection of poems (African Diaspora and Negritude) which  was  resounding  successful.  I was therefore  led  to  his ascent.

In 2010, Captain Alexander has not left me the choice by  organizing  without   my  knowledge ,my participation  to an exhibition in France.  I expose  today as well  in France as in England, but also in South Africa and Senegal.

What  triggered  this desire  to do this job?

As far as, I can remember, I've always had the weapon on the prowl.  I am curious and I constantly feel the need to go elsewhere. To go to  the United States was my dream. Like many young people of my age, the United States accounted for an eldorado with in mind the idea of the <<American Dream >>. Goal  quickly I became disillusioned  ,  my  conclusion was disappointing as inequalities and  discrimination were glaring.

I preferred  to England with Oxford and London, magic city, open  , and ecclesiastical. It is as well as my installation in London and  then  the meeting with the Dj Paul Klee have changed the course of my life.

Your loved ones have  they always supported you in your choice?

My family has always regarded as someone of "special". I was the first of  my siblings  to travel, the first to make me a tattoo… My mother  always encouraged  and supported  me but with safety and protection..  It was important in his eyes that  I get my bachelor's degree then then  I will pursue   university studies. She is today very  proud of my background.

What are the artists that influenced you, that you admire?

The photographer Olivier Tuscan is without a doubt one which who  has influenced me  the most, he  is the one who gave me  the desire to do this job. These photos controversial  with staging  are always original for the account of the Benetton  brand  affected me  ,I  love this idea to address the  subjects  taboo. Tea  painter Basquiat, with his touch of madness, her  colorful Works and  his hubbub  which  a priori does not  mean anything but  actually,  it is one  of my favorite artists.

Warhol, the central figure of the pop-up art with his handling of  the Colors and the photography, It is the  ability to transform something normal into something sublime. Roy Liechtenstein for his  comics side  and Shepard Fairey for his slogans  pictures  but also a painter franco Hungarian Mambo, the urban artist D Face, the graffiti artist and American artist Jonone.  These artists have given me the taste for their art.

As an artist, how would you define yourself?

I am a person who likes to communicate with the people. Artistically  speaking ,I enrolled in the course Popart. This is a folk art rooted in time.A pop artist is inspired by the company and ,in particular the society of consumption, but also problems of society and politics.For my part ,to be a pop art  artist meets the desire to know and understand what the individuals feel, I am an artist that aspires to make your smile but also think about it. I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, from the news, my joys and sorrows, all of this echoes in my art. My art is  playful mental, physical but especially human. My areas of predilection are the poster and the Print.I love to create scenes with characters that would  illustrate my idea.I draw in my computer before printing and to put them under glass to give relief effect or  to recreate on the canvas.

It is said of me that I  am currently the only pop artist of African descent in my generation. I am a bit scared but at the same time it is encouraging for young people who do not dare to believe in their  dream. Indeed, I am  suburban, I dared to believe in my dream, I worked hard in this direction, and  today , my  work is recognized.

How are you working? What are the  steps of your creation?

It is difficult for me to explain in a rational manner how appear  the idea  because it comes out of nowhere.This idea is interesting because as an effect of power,I feel the need to scribbling ,ı can do a lot of sketches for not  that in keep  one, finally. Once the subject stopped, the stage goes up, I do sketches of characters, researched about the subject, then I am ready to market the poster.

I love all the phase of creation, the emergence  of  the idea especially when I find it crazy and unfeasible: the doodle and the achievement about computer, because the work becomes real .

At this stage, ı can't wait to see the work finished, and to discover the reaction of the public. Each of the steps is captivating. I like to create in spontaneous way but it can happen to me to work on command. If this the case, at the reception of the topic, I am off the topic, I put it on side in order not to be conditioned to return to it later.

What is the  greatest  work of your creations?

I have several Works that I consider them  as majör but I 'll mention two of them for different reason.The Virgin Mary ,because it represents my youth and my maturity.This poster refers to the World of fashion.I was afraid to Show it to my mother who is a believer since I had represented this religious symbol with a red lip and a big chance in gold Louis Vuitton, but against all odds, my mother loved it. Maturity, in the sense that I grew up in a  religious family, I did  catechism, and I took awareness that everything I had been taught the good  vs evil, Heaven vs hell was not as simple and linear in the real life of every day .I went through a lot of questions  and handing-over in questions.

The second work, important for me is the ''Yes WE KANYE", an allegory of a part of yes We can for Obama, the fact of being and  impossible success.Then the Word  game with the name of the rapper Kanya West but also the following metaphor: How transfigure the egocentrie of two people, their africanness, their taste for clothing, but also their personality-very ''Edgy''.

For the first time, I showed how I could deconstruct and restructure of the characters, this resulted in  diverse and various  interpretations  depending on  the individual. Tea  feedback has been positive. And then four years after,see  this slogan, used during the Obama campaign, was just amazing.

Are you in any associations, groups, collectives, and other artists?

I am a founding member of the collective ''It was slame on the moon'' with my childhood friend and Brother Captain Alexander. I am a member of association melting pot  that work in six countries.The mission is to help to deprived populations in  under developed  zones around four points necessary for the development: rehabilitation health, nutrition and social insertion.

I also support the collective ''Dare Africa'' The purpose of which is to bring young  african  people together on the continent and the diaspora with the will and the determination to build prosperous Africa.