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Hamidou  Koumare  East  a  young  artist painter sculptor who lives and works in Mali. A graduate of the National Institute of Arts (INA), he entered the Conservatory of Multimedia Arts and Professions - Balla Fasseké Kouyaté in Bamako, to continue his higher education in plastic arts, from which he graduated top of his class in 2014.

We can safely say that Hamidou has found his calling in sculpture. He plays with materials such as iron, nails, wood, plaster, cement, clay or even fabric, generally dealing with topical themes and living together.

This vocation for art, he perceives it mainly as a legacy of his father: Mamadou Koumaré. An internationally renowned sculptor, the patriarch is the author of several monuments in the Malian capital, including a stele dedicated to the illustrious writer and man of culture Amadou Hampaté Ba.

Drawing an important part of his inspiration from female dance, Hamidou gives priority to the intimate aspects of the female body. He transcribes in his own way the dexterity of the dancers,  the flexibility of the figures performed, simply the feminine beauty. Indeed, for this artist who is deeply passionate about sculpture, feminine lines are entitled to representations, even of metal, as this material bends easily to his will.

This choice turned towards characters with generous and round shapes, is partly explained by the status it confers on women. For him, woman is LIFE. "If you take care of life like your wife, there will be fewer problems in the world," he says. Moreover, whether she is “mother, sister or wife, the woman is more mobilizing in many situations compared to the man”, he adds.

From these first workshops in 2008, these trips to Europe, Asia and other African countries, to these recent creations in 2021, Hamidou Koumaré has come a long way. And the artist intends to continue on this momentum, in order to always offer us a discourse that is both committed and poetic about our society and its living forces.

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