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Paul Onobiono is a painter of Cameroonian origin, who stands out through his sensitivity, especially when he approaches  subjects related to suffering, war, slavery, social injustices. He is inspiring from  photographs he collects on the internet and those he takes himself.  Then he

reinterprets in its own way by representing everyday scenes such as works  domestic or even market activities, in which we see above all people appearing  social strata  lower .

Influenced by the works of one of the figures of Cameroonian painting, the visual artist Salifou Lindou, Paul  Onobiono, as he says himself, finds through the work of Lindou a  technical inspiration.


His mediums are paper and canvas, while pastels, ink,  pens and acrylic are her favorite mediums. The vibrant lines and its  layers of paint in pasty form give his figures a character to  both static and dynamic.

Born in 1996, in Bikok, one of the districts of the department of Mefou and Akon, Paul  Onobiono has been passionate about art since childhood. After obtaining his baccalaureate in the Spanish A4 series at the bilingual high school of Ndikinimeki in the  department of Mbam and Inoubou, he decides to continue his studies in arts  plastics and art history at the University of Yaoundé.


In 2017, he obtained a degree in Plastic Arts and History of Art and decided to devote himself to his career.  professional.  Since then, he has participated in exhibitions, competitions and fairs.


In 2018, he participated in the exhibition "consumer society, urban disorder and pollution" at the National Gallery of Contemporary Art in Yaoundé. He also takes part in the national visual arts competition for young hopefuls and  presents his works during the exhibition in Douala Art that year.

In  2020, he participates in a collective exhibition at the Quartier Mozart in Yaoundé. The same  year, it is exhibited by the Restart association at the restaurant La Terrasse, always at



Paul Onobiono lives and  currently works in Yaoundé.

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