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A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Dakar, Adékoulé Sylvain Domingo is a visual artist, a teacher of artistic education since  about twenty-two years old. He has always had this attraction for painting and has always been sensitive to aesthetics, colors and  in shapes...  


Classic and innovative at the same time, it succeeds brilliantly  his works. Artist  versatile,  he  waltz between different styles. He  tactfully uses traditional painting techniques  in oil and acrylic and also handles  mixed techniques (collage, batik, etc.).  


On the plan  aesthetic, "  his works exude sobriety and calm where there is neither  profusion of colors nor cacophony, but measure and balance”,  recognizes him as  renowned art critic, Professor Abdou Sylla. 

His technicality, his sensitivity to aesthetics, his mastery of styles, his choice of supports give a mark of originality to all of his productions.  artistic.


Sylvain Domingo addresses various themes through his works in  relationship with the African continent, the environment, music, society...  

As mentioned earlier, the artist capitalizes on twenty years of experience in the field of  plastic art and has several individual exhibitions to its credit: at the  National Art Gallery, at the IFAN Museum; the Théodore Monod Museum, at the  Biennial Off of Dak'art in 2004. He also participated in several exhibitions  collective events abroad, notably in Austria on the occasion of the XXI  general conference of ICOM (International Council of Museums) in France. 

In addition Sylvain also has several comic book productions,  models, paintings and murals. 

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