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 Soraya Gharib loves drawing and colors, a talent noticed by her drawing teacher at Lycée Van Vollenhoven in Dakar where she was born. Of Lebanese origin, Soraya grew up in Senegal and currently lives in France.


Drawing assistant in architecture was her profession in Dakar until 2001, when she moved to Paris and became passionate about Arabic calligraphy, which she practiced in the Beaux-Arts workshops in the city of Paris.


It was not until 2012 that she began to practice painting as a hobby, but very quickly her thirst for painting made her discover a great passion buried in her from an early age.


As an autodidact, she takes no inspiration from any painter and takes the freedom to "taste" a bit of everything and lets herself be carried away by what she feels when creating.


Sensual colors in matter which play an essential role, by the light, which invites us to the sublimation in a supernatural atmosphere.

The artist takes us into the abstract universe where she transcribes the magnificence of the warm colors of Africa: orange, red, yellow, forms intertwine in a rush towards light, freedom.


A joyful and creative painting that vibrates with the emotion and love that she generously exudes in the canvas.


Through her painting, Soraya offers our gaze a moment of eternity, through a window that opens onto life in its beauty.


So this is her passion that she shares with you and she quotes Pablo Picasso "A painting only lives by the one who looks at it".


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