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Tidiane N'DONGO is a visual artist born in 1970 in Bamako, Mali. He began his education in a Koranic school before joining a Franco-Arab establishment. He studied there until obtaining the baccalaureate. Unable to secure a scholarship to continue his studies abroad, Tidiane works odd jobs.


It was in 1994 that he decided to learn the bogolan technique from Youssouf Sidibé Nelly in Bamako-Coura, a popular district of the Malian capital. Very quickly, Youssouf, who became his master and his friend, entrusted him with the management of his workshop. While remaining attached to the traditional technique - based on clay, plants and roots ... - Tidiane develops his own style which he calls DOGODOGONI = LABYRINTH and GALLERY.


After learning bogolan, Tidiane in turn began teaching bogolan to young people in his neighborhood. It was at this point that he became very close to his neighbor, the late Youssou Keita (a great artist from the same neighborhood). It was Youssou Keita who pushed and directed him in the creation of his first paintings.

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