Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your career in a few words?

Joe OKITAWONYA MALANDY of Congolese origin and a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Algiers. In order to define who I am, I like to say that I was born twice  : biologically in DR Congo and artistically in Algeria. I define myself as a provocative dreamer and the founding father of the poingeism.

Why did you choose this job? 

The job  thing me. My father Pie MALANDY MAWEJA was an architect, I was immersed in an environment full of artistic bacteria. When I was old enough to go to college, my destiny was already decided. I went to the Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa and I graduated with a bachelor of art.

As an artist, how would you define yourself?

I'm a ''poingeiste'' artist. ''Poingéisme'' is an artistic movement that I created in 2010 that takes root on G-Spot. I consider painting as a woman, I am looking for G-point in a "woman painting". "Poingeism", is also a state of mind (communicate, think, get dressed like poingeism and be poingeism,  which is codified by emotions felt by the artist in order to make it accessible to his audience. It is a sharing of feelings and commitment..

Who influenced you?

I am influenced by the Cubist movement not against Picasso but with respect to my  ancestral culture. Indeed, African art, since the dawn of time, has always been cubic.
By its aesthetic approach where the object is not represented as it appears but by codes corresponding to its known reality.

Who are the artists you admire? Who inspired you?

Several artists have inspired me technically and intellectually like Picasso, Amine LABTER, Barly BARUTI, Claudy KHAN, Hamza BOUNOUA and many others ... ..


Have your loved ones supported you in your choices?

Oh yes without contest. And the first support is my father. My family has always been there for me on my long artistic journey. And I also connected on my friends.



What reflects your works? How would you present them?

My works reflect my thoughts, my commitments that allow me to position myself compared to the contemporary society. The guiding thread of my inspiration is the defense of women's rights because for me woman has an essential role in the development of a country.  For centuries, monotheistic religions have always put forward the paternity of God and I believe it is time to talk about the motherhood of God. The fact of having created everything is like having given birth to it. The fact of having created everything is like having delivered it. My ''poingeiste'' philosophy leads me to say that God created woman and that woman has given birth to man.

Where does your inspiration come from? What justifies your creation?

Women are my source  of inspiration.


How do you work? What are the stages of your creation?

Before any stage of creation, I put myself in situation of a man ready to make love to his wife, starting with the preliminary; Which consists of making sketches on a blank sheet. Then,  I go to the stage of stretching the canvas on the chassis; Which corresponds to the stage of undressing a woman while caressing her body. And when the canvas is well stretched, I am in a state of excitement of a man facing a naked woman. The blood pressure goes up with the feeling of tension and fear of not satisfying the "woman painting".  The sketch made on the sheet is transmitted on the canvas corresponding to the sexual act interspersed with penetrations materialized by color.

What is the stage you prefer in the realization?

The stage that I like is the penetration and it's when I make sing the color or colors.

When you start a creation, do you have an acute idea of a desired outcome?

No, it's always a surprise.


What is your characteristic, your singularity? How would you define your art, your creations?

I love the color but dominated by the primary colors. I use calligraphy, one of my specificities. The main theme of my paintings is the woman that I represent very often faceless so that all women can identify themselves in my paintings. My art is also in the air of time, very involved in the struggles of our current society.

What is the main work of your creations?

I love all my paintings: indeed, a father loves all his children without distinction. However, my two leading works that have allowed me to reach another artistic dimension: the fresco of the blue of Mouni and the ''Guernica of Joe'' which are part of the collections of The General Bank Society of Algiers.

Are you in associations, collectives of other artists? If yes, why?

I am engaged in different associations in my current place of residence. I am the founding father of an African art festival in Lyon: the NGOMA festival. I am also a director of an association in Saint-Etienne  "  Thousand and One Voice Intercultural Center  », a citizen project that facilitating ''the will to live together'', and an active citizenship of inhabitants, which sometimes has to use art as a tool of expression faced with various pains of daily living. association called "the means on board" in Saint-Etienne where I am sharing my artistic know-how.


What are your current projects?

I am writing three books: the continuation of the Gospel according to Joe, the ''pongeist'' idea in collaboration with renowned artists: Barly BARRUTI and Amine LABTER whom I like affectionately to call the "genius of the North". A third book: the trial of a pig.

And many others because I am a great dreamer ... who is full of ideas.