Kofi Frimpong
Kofi is a young  painter of Ghanaian origin who lives in Paris. Before devoting himself to painting, he worked for a few years in various communication agencies and advertising agencies as an artistic director, but he quickly felt the need to impose his own constraints on his art.  
Over the years and after several exhibitions, his identity has asserted itself to lead to a painting oscillating between cubism and figurative.
This enthusiasm applies in particular to his latest exhibition Préhistoire Moderne.  It is a question of staging a journey from our time to prehistory, to meet the first men. What emerges is an amazing material, a colorful mix of primitive and contemporary forms that represent this exchange through the ages. He tackles simple, universal themes, such as love, hope, freedom and above all the imagination which is the matrix of his work.
Between exhibitions and happenings, Kofi emancipates himself from the usual images of contemporary creation to develop works of character that feed not only on History but also on its history.