To acquire an artwork is not an insignificant purchase. That is the reason why it’s important to take good care of it

Here are 5 tips and recommendations to avoid unpleasant surprises and preserve the shine of your collection.

1- Choosing the right place of exhibition

It is best to keep artworks away from direct light sources. Sources of heat, light and humidity should be avoided. The long-term damage that light can cause to works is irreversible. This is why care must be taken to ensure that neither lamp nor sun shines directly on them.

If you want to place your works in your kitchen or bathroom, it is better to put a pane of glass or plexiglass.

2- Know your artwork well

Indeed, depending on the medium and the technique, the attention paid to your canvas must be different.

For example, paper is a fairly fragile medium. Its resistance depends on its weight and thickness. In addition, it attracts small insects. Charcoal and pastel are also fragile techniques so to be handled with care.

3- Consider protections

Before hanging a canvas, you can place a protective back on it. It is a rigid backing, cardboard or plastic, which is screwed to the back of the frame and which then effectively protects the canvas against temperature changes, shocks and humidity.

4- Clean the artworks

As with all furniture and other decorative items, dust should be removed from your artwork. A dry wipe will do the trick. Be careful, however, if you notice cracks in your works, do not touch them.

5- Contact the right people

If there are any abnormalities, cracks, color alterations, do not try to solve the problem on your own. Call on the artist, a framer or a restorer who will provide you with suitable advice.


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