ARTISTS' PORTRAIT: Alain Ngann, between advocacy and fashion photography.

From architecture to photography...

With his finger on the trigger for nearly 15 years, Alain Ngann is a Cameroonian photographer with an atypical career. Architect by training, he is still a student in France when he decides to stop everything and return to Cameroon. Once in his country, he opens a communication agency and devoted himself more and more to his passion for pictures especially portraits.

Self-taught, he is strongly influenced by the work of photographer such as Annie Leibovitz and the controversial Oliviero Toscani (designer of the "United Colors" concept of Benetton). Unconditional art lover in all possible forms, Alain Ngann is also a collector.

A committed artist...

Fashion photographer, Alain Ngann is nonetheless a humanist, who does not hesitate to use his talent as an advocacy tool. Thus in December 2017 he presented a series of portraits on the theme of albinism, during his first exhibition entitled “Un-Difference”. Through this artistic approach, the photographer reveals all the beauty of the "albino pigment" and sheds a little more light on the discrimination suffered by this community. Because in Cameroon as elsewhere on the African continent, many are still unaware that albinism is a genetic anomaly, hereditary and not a curse.

It is therefore within the framework of the humanitarian campaign #justacolor, in line with the International Albinism Awareness Day (June 13, 2017), that these pictures were taken. Alain Ngann has thus chosen to restore dignity to the albinos in his country, without fear of shocking, by showing the incredible beauty of these naked bodies with immaculate skin.

Alain Ngann - "Un-Difference" Exhibition (2017)

Deep and striking colors...

By taking a closer look at Alain Ngann's work, we quickly notice that he do likes to play with colors. His characters are eloquent and exude a certain power, especially when he stages black skin on dark backgrounds.

Another of his emblematic achievements is the series of photographs entitled “We are we” (2019), which focuses on Cameroonian society, its uniqueness and diversity, that create an harmonious country to live into. This is in a nutshell, the message delivered by this magnificent exhibition with vibrant colors, whose very expressive characters display both serenity and joy of living.

Alain Ngann - "We are we" Exhibition (2019)

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