Discover a self-taught, passionate and creative artist: Soraya Gharib.

1- Can you briefly tell us about your background?

Originally from Lebanon, I was born in Senegal but I have lived in Paris for 20 years. Whenever the opportunity arises, I fly to Dakar with my family.

Secretary in an architectural firm for 12 years and interested in drawing since always, I became a drawing assistant after professional training in Dakar. When I arrived in France, I was interested in Arabic calligraphy, which I practiced in the workshops of the City of Paris. Today I devote myself solely to painting which I have been practicing for almost 10 years as a self-taught artist.

2- How was your artistic vocation born?

If it is true that very young I already liked drawing and the force of colors, when I wanted to integrate the school of fine arts in Dakar my family didn't approved, claiming that it is not a real profession.

This passion remained buried in me when I was going through a very difficult period, following a big sentimental disappointment...

The colors that were missing in my life, I went to draw them from me, to spread them harmoniously on a canvas in 2012. I had a talent, it had to explode and this pain made it spring up.

3- What are your sources inspirations?

I draw my inspiration from the beauty of nature and often from the stories of various day life facts. Now, I am painting trees whose trunk is the body of one or many women, in reaction to the current problems of deforestation which is raging in Senegal. Sensitive to this environmental situation, I wanted to highlight, through these paintings (tree/woman), the central role of these 2 elements: both are sources of life. More generally, I paint what I feel in my heart and my creativity I give free rein.

4- Tell us about your working technique.

I use cotton canvas and acrylic paint, which I work with brushes and knives, all in an abstract figurative approach. You can also find in my canvases modeling paste that I used to make the reliefs and a little collage.

5- Do you have favorite colors?

Yes, 3 colors in particular: “red” which symbolizes strength and love, “yellow” for the light it gives off and “white”, symbol of clarity.

6- Where can we see your works?

My works are available online, on my Instagram accounts sgharibart and sogharibart, on Facebook, and at the Galerie Perla in Dakar.

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