Hamidou Koumaré: sculptor at heart, a heritage from father to son.

1- Can you briefly tell us about your background?

Malian painter and sculptor, I am living and working in Bamako. I embraced visual art very young, a discipline which represents a whole heritage for me. Drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics are the keys so important in my life.

My mother is a Dogon (Noble) and my father a Dafing (Blacksmith), I am the fruit of the peace ,which I am proud of.

In my childhood, I did not speak for 5 years and I still remember it. With my paternal grandmother, I used to create small objects to sell them during fairs in our village. People were curious to see this child not speaking but doing incredible things!

2- How was your artistic vocation born?

Visual art is a passion that drives me deeply, which always gives me the strength to move forward. After walking through the doors of fine arts, I had a special feeling like "a light in me". At this moment, I say to myself: "Koumaré, welcome to the temple of artistic religion". In addition, having a father sculptor was decisive in my choice of life. I know that the path I have chosen is understood, supported and encouraged. But also, I can count on the know-how and the experience of this man of rigor, for myself to grow my practice and bring my touch to this art which has been transmitted from father to son, and who knows, perhaps this transmission will continue with the next generation of Koumaré...

3- What are your sources of inspiration?

Movement, flexibility, time, nature, feminine sensuality especially dance, but also current events and news. All these elements are found in my works.

I try to understand all the movements present in nature and to "convert" them into something else, which remains connected to the source of inspiration but now belongs to the universe of Koumaré.

4- Tell us about your working technique.

Regarding sculpture, I collect metals of different shapes, mainly sheet metal. Then I tie them and then weld them. For painting, I prefer canvas.

For these two mediums, my wish is to raise awareness and create a connection of security, love and peace.

5- How long does it take you to make an artwork?

I find it difficult to define the time. I don't put limits on myself but I think that on average I create small-sized works between 3 to 7 days. The biggest sculptures require a month of work. However, I consider that a work is never really finished...

6- Where can we see your creations?

My artworks are visible in Bamako at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédia Balla Fasséké Kouyaté, in my studio, on my Facebook profile, my Instagram account and on the Kelen website.

Find the works of Hamidou Koumaré in the Kelen's Gallery.


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