Sylvain Domingo Adékoulé: the painter and Professor of Art...

1 - Could you introduce yourself ?

I am Sylvain Domingo Adékoulé, a visual artist and art teacher, graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Dakar. Since 1991, I have been working with the Ifan Museum as a graphic illustrator for the needs of documentation on basketry, textiles and musical instruments from 1993 to 1997. I have started teaching plastic arts in 1994. This allowed me to share my experience twice in the United States for cultural exchanges.

2 - When and how did you start painting? What was the trigger?

This artistic fiber was born during my childhood, a visceral love for beauty in its global form! I have always been sensitive to the manipulation of matter but also to the rigor of geometry in space and colors, I could as well have oriented myself towards architecture and communication.

3 - What are your inspiration?

Being very curious and attentive to my surroundings, I constantly explore new horizons in my investigative work. The themes targeted by my research and which are generally the topics of my creations are: music, choreography and the environment.

Tapisserie - 180cm x 137cm

4 -Tell us more about your technique?

The basis of my work is focused on drawing. The rest depends on the orientation of my artistic approach: It can then be a question of proceeding by collage, of opting for oil painting with a knife, acrylic, ink or even weaving (tapestry). In addition, the format of my works is variable. I have no precise fixation on the dimensions, it also depends on my sensitivity to the theme.

5 - What does the "Jazz" series represent?

Music is a mode of expression rich in its rhythms, the colors that emanate from it and the cultural diversity that composes it. Beyond that, jazz for me is linked to history. Talking about jazz would therefore be like flirting with wind instruments, membranophones and string instruments that have decades of classics and harmonious memories behind them. I have a particular fascination for the kora.

6 - Where can we find your works?

Apart from possible exhibitions, my works can be found at the "Village des Arts" in Dakar.


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