Sarraounia Mpaka_1.png

Sarraounia Mpaka is  creator and designer of the ethnic jewelry brand  Adinkras Jewels  which was launched in 2017.


Senegalese-Gabonese, she is a big fan of everything related to art (music, crafts, graphics, cinema etc…) and an unconditional lover of Africa. After  obtaining her baccalaureate in Libreville, Gabon, she is  arrival in Senegal  where she has  studied interior design for 3 years in architecture school.

She discovered the existence of an African alphabet: a book written and illustrated by writer and graphic designer Saki Mafundikwa and  the existence of particular symbols which not only have a speaking visual power but also have a whole history linked to royalty in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire, the Adinkras. From there was born the idea of drawing inspiration from its symbols to create a jewelry brand.