Serine Macene is a Senegalese painter offering a fine, precise painting, with colorful pointillism. He defines himself as a citizen of the world.
He distinguished himself in particular by being the first African painter to create the frescoes of the dome of the Château de Colombe Bia in Côte d'Ivoire.
This painter who deals with Africa asserts himself first with his characters  filiform  all in  softness and lightness, in clean lines  dancing and luminous.
Very sensitive to the harmonies of colors, which he makes sing, sparkle with the brush, he adds playful, rhythmic shapes and his canvases become almost musical.
Over time, his painting evolves  ; more mature, more abstract, it tackles real problems - it becomes a chronicle of life in Africa.
Bright colors and fluid lines come together and tie together, his works become expressions, they send us positive symbols, all in delicacy.
He exhibits in many African countries and in France.