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Renelle Gaudin

Creator of Samsara, France

I had the chance to collaborate with Kelen on a joint project for 1 year. An enriching and stimulating experience during which I learned a lot thanks to Daffa's professionalism. I am also a fan of his artistic choices and his commitment to the promotion of African artists!


Sylvie Giaquinto


I wanted to say a few words about my experience with Kelen art.

This is an amazing place where you can find all kind of African art from statues, paintings objects, jewelery and every time I've been there I always found so many nice things that so far my apartment is loaded with beautiful things that Daffa with her hard work and professional eye brought back from Africa. With Kelen we can travel, we can travel to Africa and learn about African art, the work is iconic and beautiful one of a kind.

With Kelen you are sure to have only an exclusive object, that nobody else will have, that is really amazing and unique.

Thank you again for all your hard work, to give us the opportunity to have such beautiful objects in our homes.

Isabelle Audion.png

Isabelle Audion


“I had the chance to meet Daffa in Istanbul during an exhibition she had organized presenting the work of African artists. She collaborates with artists who work with various materials whether in painting, sculpture or objects according to the influences of their region.
Daffa is passionate about art, she puts her energy into traveling to Africa to discover new artists and share their works with us. 
She looks for very original places of exhibition like in Paris, the lobby of a hotel, spaces in a café,... where the atmosphere and the creations presented make you want to travel.
I admire the work of Daffa, who is always looking for new artists to reveal their personality and their art »

Martine Mereyde.png

Martine Mereyde


I organized a sale at my home of Kelen products. It was a great success and a lot of joy. Because the products are of very good quality and I really liked the atmosphere of this day:). We had many customers, all delighted.

I thank Daffa for his dynamism and his kindness and for making us discover Africa through such beautiful accessories.  


To do again!

John Kalapo.png

John Kalapo



Thank you, for all you do for artists.


Jacquie Atandji



Great collaboration with Daffa for a private sale in Istanbul.

Professionalism and a good address book. 

Nice experience!

Olaréwadjou Elvis Godwill LALEYE

Confounder Asakan, Cotonou

Art Kelen, a blog that wins you over with its grace and magic. A fine example of what the African diaspora is capable of.

Amina Konaté.png

Amina Konate



Dear Daffa  @art_kelen  I appreciate your engagement and you always choose great artists and organize very interesting exhibitions.👏😍 I was honored to meet you, though, virtually and had an interview with you in Medium magazine. Congratulations and I wish you continued happiness in your creative work.❤️