Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your background in aa few words?

  I was  both a painter and a composer, my music feeds of the paint and my painting from my music. Painting Writing are integral part of my creative process. It is as signs of language. I was selling my postcards very young, and then ı discovered the graphics in black and white which bring up to the we can see my painting in several places I has exhibited regulary  in Burkina Faso  in Europe. Moreover, a lot of projects are the future in 2017.

Why did  you choose  this occupation?

I wrote and drew very young .I started to sell my illustrated poems  in school for friend.It worked well.I continue my studies to become a professor of sport  and art, but in a few years I resign in order to devote myself solely to the painting and music. Why became an artist? Because I have things to tell. A search of freedom? Because every day I write and I paint? Without doubt, for all this reason and other even.

How would you define you as an artist?  What are the artists that you admire? who have inspired you?

Who has influenced you?

In the beginnings, I have been influenced by the great painters. The reatment of the light in Carrvagio fascinated me. The African artists too. İn my country The art is part of Daily life ,It is about our pottery, the walls of the box, tissues. The ground of the Tiebele  boxes are one of my pillars, and the pillars of my pictorial universe. I've seen them, they appropriate me  and then ı have turned to the insert in my paintings and wall fresco.The cultural heritage of the African can also be found in the materials that I use (pigment, glue, cardboard) and in my earth color palette. My African roots also marked my rejection of the figurative. The African art is abstract.

My readings also mark my work. G.Balandier, Franz Fanon, Tobie Nathan, G.Devereux the name of the latter authors. Books feed my universe and my questioning of identity, since I know to read.

Your loved ones, have they always supported you in your choice?

Take the path of arts in Burkina is a heavy choice. When I retired from my government position to turn exclusively to painting and music, my family has got a little confused  to understand the situation. I leave the family  court and prove that I could be an artist and take my family role today, everything went well but the status of artist is complicated in an official World.

Which the subject of your work? How will you be reflected in your works?

My Works are a snapshot of the moment, my  emotion, my favorite appetizers, and my thoughts. They ask questions more often on African identity, between tradition and modernity, the relationship between Men (and women fort he matter) my themes  of predilections touch thesocial problematic:politics  , family report, love madness , beliefs, and modernity.

Which is your  creative  inspired? What is your motivation in  your  creation?

Painting is to leave the adventure, to start on a journey without  knowing where  the first step will focus on us, where each hour spent corresponds to a landscape.

How are you working? What are the steps of your creation?  What is the step that you prefer in the realization?

When I am painting, I start by creating the chaos: I ask the colors, squirt washes, glue materials, I  slash the canvas, I return ,I  scratch, let flow the paint until my eyes opened at the work, that the genius creator reveals the subject.

Then begins a game of structuring/destructuring. Signs, symbols, calligraphy, ''Warga'' (a write of my invention) entrenched in my graphics lines. Strange creatures and characters are incarnated in the canvas, disappear, reappear, in part, forming polymorphic beings.

In perpetual research, I can cover totally or in part several times a canvas if the balance in the chaos is not reached. The work of shadow and light is for me what structure volumes and draws the eye.

What is your particularity, your touch, your singularity? How would you define your art, your creations?

The integration of graphic design in my paintings, the historic  proliferation in history, thanks to overlays reason and  away from working or I rotate my canvas, the top becoming the bottom ,the right and the left. And there are many on the Warga, an alphabet  that I designed that I spread in my creations.

What  is the most important work in your creations?

In my opinion not the flagship  work. Each of them is important and  It is linked to a period  of my life. In this moment , I am working on a series of large-format portraits between myth and reality.

Are you in any associations, groups,  collective  and other artists? If yes why?

I worked with other different discipline artists. Two ongoing projects with comedian Doueslik and Maimouna N'diaye. I am also a part of Wakao, fort he moment ,a brand of clothing, which is getting  to grow the coming months.